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29 people, including 15 women, were killed in a bomb attack in Maung Lai Hkyet

29 people, including 15 women, were killed in a bomb attack in Maung Lai Hkyet

The Kachin Gender Star Group announced that 14 males and 15 females were killed in a total of 29 deaths due to the explosion of heavy bombs at the military evacuation camp in Maung Lai Hkyet village, which is only two miles away from Laiza town.

The National Unity Government (NUG) said that around 11:00 p.m. on October 9, the coup army bombed the village of Maung Lai Hkyet with warplanes. According to video files and the photos that spread online, among the dead are pregnant women, mothers, and children as young as one month are also included, and their bodies are seen being dragged out from the earth with great difficulty.

Ma Ae Nang, a resident of Laiza said "It's also time for everyone to sleep. The explosion was so strong that it shook the whole city of Laiza. My sister's house has nothing. Damaged. His eldest child also died."

According to a statement by the Kachin Gender Star Group, as a result of this attack, 57 civilians were injured, and 44 of them were receiving medical treatment due to serious injuries. Among the 44 seriously injured, 20 civilians, including a three-year-old child, are critically injured. The person helping the refugees said that among the 57 injured were three-month-old babies whose parents died. Among them, two one-month-old children are seriously injured and need bottles of milk for them. Additionally, 133 families lost their homes due to bombs falling inside their homes. At present, the war refugees no longer live in Maung Lai Hkyet, but instead go to the homes of close relatives and take refuge in Woi Chyai Camp in Laiza. Kachin Gender Star Group also said that the refugees urgently needed drinking water, so they went to help women with personal items and money and provided emotional comfort to those fleeing the war. Therefore, they appealed for help with clothes and accessories, along with food and living for about 600 people who fled the war, blankets, and warm clothes.

Since the Kachin Resurgence War in 2011 those fleeing the war after the coup d'état, have also taken shelter. More than 160 households and around 700 people live in Maung Lai Hkyet village. After the coup, the army has been carrying out frequent bombing attacks on Laiza, the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which is rebelling against them. The military council responded to the BBC's question that there was no shooting attack, but the National Unity Government (NUG) and residents have revealed that it was the hand of the military council.

Last year in October, at least 60 civilians were killed when the military council bombarded the A Nan Pa area of Hpakant Township with aerial bombardment in Kachin State. This is the second time that mass deaths of civilians, like the incident in Maung Lai Hkyet village, have occurred in Laiza.


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