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7th July activities in Yangon's famous places

7th July activities in Yangon's famous places

To commemorate Seventh July Day, which falls today, the young people who are rebelling against the military dictator have protested in the famous places of Yangon.

"Even though the union building was demolished, the young people's awakened union spirit could not be destroyed by any dictator, and it will not be the next. We urge the people not to forget 7.7.62," said the demonstrators.

On March 2, 1962, the student movement, which began as a protest against the military coup led by General Ne Win, escalated into a further protest against the regime's strict school rules.

Ko Kyaw Win from Myaung Mya, a student from Surrey who was shot during the shootings, wrote "7.7.62 don't forget" on the wall of Mandalay Hall with the blood coming out of his body before he died.

The student movement, which sacrificed many lives in opposition to the military dictatorship, was celebrated in various ways every year as a commemoration of Seventh July, despite successive junta repressions.


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