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A battle broke out in Korkaret, the village of Katshakon was burned down

A battle broke out in Korkaret, the village of Katshakon was burned down

A battle broke out in Korkaret Township in Karen State, Myanmar, on April 3rd, resulting in the burning down of the village of Katshakon. According to a resident who fled the village, the military burned about ten houses, and a woman was arrested after the military council raided the nearby village of Kyaung Shar Gibe.

Approximately 100 joint forces of the Military Council and BGF arrived in Korkaret town as reinforcements on April 3rd and retook the village of Kyaung Shar Gone, occupying it as their territory. From April 1st to 3rd, the Military Council sent additional reinforcements and heavy weapons and ammunition to the cities of Myawaddy, Korkaret, and Kyone Doe, causing severe damage to houses in the area.

Locals have reported that a large weapon exploded in the Munni Kone section of Kyone Doe and Yomahar on the morning of April 3rd, and a child was taken to the hospital after being hit in the thigh but did not survive.

Relief workers have reported that due to the battle between the military council army and KNLA joint forces, over 10,000 people have fled the war in Korkaret townships and Myawaddy. More than ten people have been injured by heavy weapons, five have died, and about 100 houses have been destroyed by fire.

A resident of KhaLoutNo village reported that four military vehicles from the 22nd Army of Ba An Army went towards Kyone Doe-Korkaret on the morning of April 2nd with boxes of reinforcements and ammunition. In the evening, six more military vehicles with ammunition boxes went up again, along with full weapons. With the BGF troops and the army reinforcing the area, locals anticipate fighting will continue in the Kyone Doe-Korkaret area. The situation in Karen State remains tense, and the impact of the ongoing conflict continues to have devastating consequences for the local population.


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