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A bomb blast at a community-based clinic in Song Phway Village injured three people.

A bomb blast at a community-based clinic in Song Phway Village injured three people, one of whom is in critical condition.

It is reported that three people were injured and one was in critical condition when the military junta bombed a community-based, self-help clinic in Song Phway Village, west of Phel Khone Township, bordering Karenni (Kayah) State and Shan State.

It is said that the military junta in the western part of Phael Khone Township, where there is no fighting, attacked Song Phway Village Hospital three times at around noon today, where only local residents and civilians fleeing the war were at.

"Many buildings were damaged, some people receiving medical treatment are also affected. I heard that the military junta in Phael Khone Township was hurt the day before this day. When they can't get to the front side, they come to the hospital from the west side," said an emergency rescue member of the Moe Byal Public Defense Force.

The hospital that was bombed is a hospital where local people and refugees from the war mainly depend. When there was an attack, there were people fleeing the war.

In recent days, the battle has been going on between the military forces and the Karenni coalition forces in the eastern part of Phael Khone Township, and the residents and the revolutionary forces believe that the military junta came to attack the western part of Phael Khone township because the military had to surrender the day before.

The attack on the community-based self-help clinic in Song Phway Village involved two clinic buildings. The Karenni National Defense Force KNDF also announced that some motorcycles and cars were damaged as well.

KNDF described the place as a clinic, which the locals call a hospital,and said that it is a place that provides self-help health care for villagers and war refugees according to their health needs.

Also, near Holkham village of Bawlakhel Township, on the night of April 23rd, a house was damaged when the military council dropped two bombs with a jet fighter without any battle going on.

Karenni resistance forces and those helping to escape the war have criticized the military junta for committing war crimes as it is attacking in Karenni state almost every day, and is also attacking civilian shelters where there is no such battle going on.

Since the military dictatorship, they have repeatedly committed terrorist attacks on the health sector. And since the beginning of this year, the National Unity Government (NUG) has said that more airstrikes have been committed against clinics and hospitals.

The NUG said that airstrikes were carried out on four health facilities in Htee Chike, Shwe Kuu, Myaine and Shan Kayah Border by the military junta within the first 18 days of this month.


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