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A CDM nurse was arrested and killed by the Military Council in Katha Township .

Daw Thae Thae Win, a nurse from Mo Dagyi Village, Katha Township, Sagaing Division was abducted by the military council and killed.

40-year-old Daw Thae Thae Win is from Chin State. She is one of the people who joined the civil disobedience (CDM) movement after the military coup in 2021 from her position as a senior nurse at Falang Public Hospital. On February 21st, she was arrested and killed at her gas station during a military check-in.


t is said that she was arrested because military council complained that Ms. Daw Thae Thae Win was providing medical treatment and logistics to CDM and PDF.

On February 25th, the body of Daw Thae Thae Win was found by the villagers outside Kyun Pin Village near Mo Dar Gyi Village. Her hands were tied with rope. Locals said she was found dead with a gunshot wound to the forehead. On February 26, Daw Sien Sien Win's body was buried.

At least five CDM employees have been arrested and killed by military council troops in Katha Township, Sagaing Division, according to the Katha People's Protection Organization.


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