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A child was killed by an unexploded bomb in Tamu, Two injured.

A child was killed by an unexploded bomb in Tamu, Two injured

Residents said today, March 22nd, that children found an unexploded 40-mm bomb while herding cows and pulled it.

Sagaing Division Residents said that a nine-year-old boy was killed and two children were injured when an unexploded bomb exploded in Yay Aye Village, Tamu Township on March 17th.

9-year-old Maung Ngam Go Man died after being seriously injured in the abdomen, while the other two children suffered minor injuries to their legs.

"So I went to the hospital in Tamu Township. They transferred him to the Children's Examination Center. The child who was hit in the stomach had a bowel movement. He also passed away when he arrived at the examination center. The other two children were only slightly affected. The hospital asked what the bombs looked like, and the children told me that they were weapons from the military." Residents said that the deceased Maung Ngam Go Man was buried in a tomb on March 18th.

The following shows Maung Ngam Go Man who was killed by a bomb explosion on March 17, 2023 in Yay Aye Village of Tamu Township.

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