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A civilian died in the Chaung U, Nyang Pin Ward and Nga Yan Village burnt down.

A civilian died in the Chaung U, Nyang Pin Ward and Nga Yan Village burnt down.

On the evening of May 11th, a civilian was killed and at least 250 houses were burned down when the military junta troops raided Nyaung Pin Ward and Nga Yan Village in Chaung U Town in Sagaing region.

On the same evening, after an exchange of fire between the local defense group and the military army near Nga Yan village, the military council army attacked Nga Yan village with heavy weapons. Residents said that a man was killed by a bullet and a woman was injured during the attack.

According to a villager of Nga Yan, about 5,000 residents of the village, which has about 1,000 houses, were forced to flee overnight because the military troops raided the village with a force of about 100 and burned down more than 200 houses in the village.

"To this day, they are still shooting near the village in the dark. We haven't dared to go back to the village yet. There are still soldiers. There are no end of people running until 2 o'clock in the morning."

On the same day, Nyaung Pin Ward, a neighborhood in the town of Chaung U, was also set on fire by the military troops at around 9:00 p.m. The residents of Chaung U said that the fire department was called to put out the fire when they got close to the homes of the heads of the military council in the town. A resident said that civilians who tried to put out the fire were arrested while the fire was burning.

He said that there may be at least 50 houses on fire, and the exact number is not yet known. The residents said that Chaung U City and Nga Yan Village, which were burnt down, are only about three miles apart, and Nga Yan Village is a large village on the Monywa-Mandalay Road.

According to Data For Myanmar, an independent research group, as of February 28th, 2023, since the military coup, 47,778 homes were burned down in Sagaing.

According to the latest statement of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) on May 6th, there are nearly 750,000 people who have fled their homes in Sagaing Region due to armed conflicts.


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