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A PDF camp was raided and destroyed

March 6th, 2023

The Military Council raided and destroyed the camp of the Motherland Revolution Force, a PDF division based in Ma Pin Township, on March 4, said an official of that force in Sagaing Division.

He said that during the raid on the camp, no soldiers were harmed and no weapons and ammunition were lost, but food and utensils were destroyed due to the camp being destroyed by fire.

"When the military council column approached the camp, the soldiers left the camp, planted mines. In the evening, when the military council column entered the camp and there was fire along with the sound of mine explosions," said the motherland resistance force.

He said that there might be damage to the military council due to the mines that were left near the camp, but he did not know exactly.

The military group has been conducting continuous patrols in the area of Yin Mar City, which has declared martial law, from the end of February until now, and around ten villages were set on fire.

On February 26th, two members of the Defense Force who were returning to the camp were arrested and killed when a military group raided a local defence force camp during such a series of raids.

In addition, at least five local residents were killed when the military group opened fire on Kone Ywa and North Nong Village, and a woman from North Nong Village was raped and killed, according to the news agency of Ma Pin Village.

This morning, the military group that is continuing its military operation in Ma Pin village has arrested seven people who have fled the war, and after the fire in Pekong village, they are continuing their military operation in the rural village, according to the news team of Ma Pin village.


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