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A poet who dares to think.

A poet who dares to think

March 3, 2021, the day when youth lost their hopes and hopes for the future. "Even if you and I disagree, I will give my life for you" was by poet Ke Za Win and he had to give his life for the country on that day

Poet Ke Za Win (known as) Ko Chan Thar Swe was born in Monywa Village, Sagaing Region. magazine Writing poetry in journals; In addition to writing political articles with various pen names, he also participated in student activities and Lepan Town activities. In 2015, he was arrested and detained in Tharayawati Prison because he participated in the National Education Strike (La pa tan incident).

When the military council turned a blind eye to the results of the 2020 election and seized state power, they protested non-violently with the people. He was also at the forefront of the anti-dictatorship protest marches.

On March 3rd, the poet Kez Win was shot in the head when the army broke up a crowd of protestors near Union Road, Monywa Myo. After being shot, the poet Kez Win was dragged away by the Terrorist War Council soldiers with injuries. Poet Kez Win's body was only then allowed to be retrieved on March 4th, one day after his death, and the military council pressured him to bury it on the same day.

On March 3, 2021, a poet and artist was also killed in Monywa Village, Sagaing Region.

"Even if you and I disagreed, I will give my life for you," poet Ke Za Win was killed while protesting against the terrorist military council for freedom of speech.

“He (Ke Za Win) is a true revolutionary. He was always at the top during the revolution, He's the kind of person who will go behind the scenes when it's actually being built. A person who is always talking about the abolition of the constitution or the federal emergency” said poet Min Boorn Nai, a friend of Kez Win.

Poet Kez Win's ashes were buried in Leppan Taung Village, Sal Lin Gyi Township, Sagaing Region, where he was born.

The poem written by the poet Ke Za Win is included as a mark of respect and honour.

About the skulls

The revolution

A flower that blooms from air and soil nutrients

Before the revolution unfolded

The skull shot on the road.

Did that say a word yet?

When faced with demons?

Do statements of opinion still matter?

The law of the sword state that

if can't just do it, go ahead and cut it

It's a revolution.

Don’t just think, let it drive you mad.

Do not hesitate!

The sword of the revolution

If not you, then me.

By Ka Za Win


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