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A protest to pay more attention to Myanmar's affairs during the G7 Summit

In Hiroshima, Japan, when the leaders of the G7 industrial summits were holding a conference, Burmese people in Japan gathered to protest.

These protesters are demanding that the G7 summit focus more on Myanmar issues. Not only did more than 200 people protest in the city of Hiroshima, where the meeting was held, but also around 150 people protested in Tokyo, the capital of Japan at the same time. A Myanmar activist who participated in the protest described the demands as follows.

"Many of the G7 countries are taking the side of the Myanmar issue. However, Japan did not have that many sanctions compared to the G7 countries. Therefore, we have to put more pressure on Japan. We are asking the countries that have not yet sanctioned the MOGE. We are asking them to stop their businesses related to jet fuel as soon as possible.”

The protesters mainly requested to sanction the oil and gas industry MOGE, which is the main source of income for the Myanmar military, to treat the National Unity Government NUG as the official government of Myanmar. They also asked for humanitarian assistance for the Burmese people and for such assistance to be provided through the NUG government without dealing with the military junta.

Despite this request, the G7 summit conference did not announce what further measures it would take regarding the Myanmar issue.

In a statement released after holding a 3-day conference from May 19th to 21st, the leaders of the G7 industrial summit urged the Myanmar military junta to immediately stop all the terrorist acts.

As the countries exporting weapons to the Myanmar military, they have requested to immediately release all those arrested, to become an inclusive dialogue, and to return to the path of democracy. The situation in Myanmar is still particularly critical. We have also requested to allow the people of Myanmar who need help to be allowed to help without any obstacles.

National Unity Government NUG Acting President Duwa Lashi La also announced that he welcomes these demands.

“I want the world leaders to discuss the Myanmar issue more. The discussion on the issue of Myanmar is very low compared to the issues of other countries, and recently, China has been standing firmly on the side of the Myanmar military junta.

"We see the need for the people to stand firm, whether it's the United States, Euproe or the powerful countries," said those who participated in the protest.

As for the Myanmar issue, we will continue to support ASEAN and support dialogue with all stakeholders to implement the common agreements adopted by ASEAN, as stated in the G7 summit statement.


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