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A secret meeting was held in India to attempt to negotiate the Myanmar issue.

A secret meeting was held in India to attempt to negotiate the Myanmar issue.

Some members of the military junta, including Myanmar's neighbors China and India, and representatives of the Genius Group held a secret meeting in New Delhi yesterday, April 24th, Reuters reported today citing two sources.

The secret meeting named "Track 1.5" was held in Thailand for the first-time last month to resolve the bloody crisis in Myanmar. This is the second time it has been done in India, according to the news.

According to the source, who asked not to be named, Officials from Myanmar, India, China, Thailand, Cambodia Laos and Indonesia and the current chairman of ASEAN, are said to be included at the meeting held on Tuesday.

A source told Reuters News that the people involved in the discussions wanted to invite the NUG government to these meetings. The person said that the Myanmar military council and the NUG felt that they needed to be invited because there was absolutely no formal communication and discussion in between them.

Myanmar Military Council cannot be contacted regarding this meeting. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India and Thailand Reuters contacted the Chinese embassy in New Delhi and the NUG, but said they have not yet received a response.

An Indonesian Foreign Ministry official replied that he was not aware of the meeting.

According to another source, the meeting was sponsored by a think-tank group based in India. It is said that they discussed issues to reduce terrorist attacks, to create a situation where dialogue could be held and to provide humanitarian aid. It is also known that the third meeting will be held in Laos.

A second source told Reuters News that this meeting is not to replace ASEAN's efforts but to make ASEAN's efforts more beneficial.

At present, the Western countries do not communicate with the Myanamar military council. They are also banned at ASEAN meetings without invitation. On the other hand, Russia's relationship with the military council is still increasing. In the meantime, Thailand's relationship with the military council has become more strained, and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has arrived and urged an end to violence.


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