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A young man who made charcoal was sentenced to life in prison by a military court

On February 8th, Ko Min Min Oo, a resident of Kangni Village in Na baa Village, In Taw Township, was arrested by military council soldiers at a checkpoint in In Taw Township.

It is reported that a resident under the Military Council in Inta Township of Sagaing Province has sentenced a local charcoal burner to life imprisonment for allegedly having a relationship with the PDF of the Regional Defense Organization.

It is said that the military group accused him of dealing with the PDFs of the Regional Defense Organization and charged him under Section 50 (J) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, and sentenced him to prison on February 27th.

According to people close to the family, Ko Min Min Oo, who was only 26 years old, was sentenced to life imprisonment within 20 days of his arrest by a military court and currently, not permitted to let him meet with his family.

Within a month after the Military Council designated Into as a military administration, at least 6 people were arrested on allegations related to the PDF, and Ko Min Min Oo was the first to be ordered to prison.

Locals said that the military group is currently carrying out strict inspections in town and arresting civilians for no reason.

Last month, a military court in Shwebo, Sagaing Province, which is under martial law, sentenced 6 local residents to life sentences and long prison terms on charges of violence.


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