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About two thousand war refugees in Salingyi are in urgent need of food

About two thousand war refugees in Salingyi are in urgent need of food

Aid workers said that since June 9th, the people in Sagaing region, who have been fleeing from their homes and nearly 2,000 war-affected refugees from the Nyaung Pin Gyi group in Salingyi Township are in urgent need of food.

After the military council's Nyaung Pin Gyi police station was raided on June 9th, the residents are still unable to return to their homes and are fleeing to safety due to the ongoing convoys.

It is reported that a member of the A Nyar Pyit Tine Htaung, which is helping war refugees in Salingyi Township, is sharing food rations with war refugees who have fled their homes.

"The refugees do not have enough food. At the beginning, there were about three thousand refugees. About 1,000 people crossed over to the Monywar village, so about 2,000 people still remained in Salingyi. Villages far away from the convoys are living in monasteries and schools. There is not enough food anymore in those areas.”

Locals said that the military council soldiers burned down around 50 homes in the Nyaung Pin Gyi group for five consecutive days, and on the morning of June 14th, they also burned a HtanTaw village.

According to the latest report on June 13th of 2023 of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA)., 765,200 residents of Sagaing Region have fled their homes after the military dictatorship in 2021.


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