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Airstikes still in action by military council patrols around the Kanbalu area

Airstikes still in action by military council patrols around the Kanbalu area

The military council forces are continuously raiding the villages around Pazigyi village every day, and they are also firing from planes in Kanbalu Township of Sagaing Division.

On April 26th, around eight o'clock in the morning, about 60 military councils that arrived in the east of Pazilay in Kanbalu Township entered the west of Pazilay as far as Thayak Creek, and on the other side, about 150 military councils were heading south at the Impin Pyant Monastery, according to a local.

On April 24th, at 11:30 p.m, the military junta launched an aerial attack on Kantbalu Township with a jet fighter.

Two bombs were dropped between Zinn and Pay Khone and near Tower Tine Gone to the southeast of Zin Kway gone. No damage took place. A local defense force said that they attacked a military camp stationed nearby and it is said that they dropped it from above because they got the news.

According to the statement of a local villager, in the past few days, Zinn village, Chatgyi village, Chat Thin village in the north of Kanbalu district, when the military council forces and the revolutionary forces in Chat Thin village exchanged fire, about 85 houses in the village were destroyed by fire.

Last April 11th, due to the aerial attack on Pazigyi village, it was reported that 174 people, including the elderly, children and women were killed. After that, the military junta split the column into two lines and fired from the air.

About 5,000 residents from nearby villages such as ChaungThar Village, including Pazi Gyi Village, Mae Zataw Village are reportedly fleeing the war.


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