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Almost 600 houses were burned in Sagaing.

Nearly 600 houses were burned in the villages of Myinmu and Lethtokwtaw

-Continued attacks on Monywa and villages next to the main roads

Since May 5th, the soldiers of the military junta have set fire to the western part of Myinmu, which is on the Monywa-Mandalay Road.

Yesterday May 6, the military junta set fire to the Lethtokwtaw village, which is next to the main road, and almost 600 houses in the Lethtokwtaw village were also burnt down and they are still fighting the fire until the morning of May 7th.

"The troops that came down from Chaung-U to look for mines. The military junta was bombed by a mine, and then they started to enter the villages. The village of Lethtokwtaw is big, and the villagers didn't run because of the suddenness. Yesterday, when they went out, they checked the village carefully. They found 1 dead body of a man and 3 men were injured," said a person familiar with the situation on the ground.


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