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An exhortation on joining the citizens’ arms was issued to those serving under the military army.

The National Unity Government's Ministry of Defense has issued a special appeal to soldiers, policemen, and officers who continue to serve under the military army to return to the people and join the arms of the people. In a statement issued on April 2nd, the Ministry emphasized the importance of the "people's revolution," which is currently gaining momentum as the entire public fights against the military army that used weapons and force against the will of the people.

According to the Ministry's statement, over 12,000 soldiers and policemen have already joined the people since the military dictatorship began. To support these individuals, the NUG Union Prime Minister is forming a committee for the Implementation of the Public Shelter Program, which will work with allied ethnic resistance groups, international organizations, and donors to provide security, food, shelter, and social support for those who have returned to the people's side.

The Ministry of Defense has pledged to provide livelihood, employment, and regular income for those who have joined the people's cause. The Ministry also plans to honor and recognize those who have made sacrifices in the struggle for democracy in Myanmar. Some former soldiers and policemen have already joined the People's Defense Army, which will play an important role in the new federal army that will be established during the revolution.

The Ministry of Defense also made it clear that soldiers and police who remain loyal to the coup army are enemies of the people and the revolution. According to the Ministry's statement, the policy of Transitional Justice will ensure that those who were enemies of the people will be punished according to the law for the sake of truth and justice.

The National Unity Government, through the Ministry of Defense, is continuing to increase the pace of the people's resistance in war in a balanced way with allied ethnic revolutionary organizations and international diplomacy. The Ministry stated that the crisis site, as well as the material force to prevent the people's revolution, is becoming completely impossible in terms of mental strength, military economic bankruptcy from all sides, based on the ground conditions.

The Ministry of Defense expressed gratitude and admiration for the soldiers who have joined the people's side, calling them "people's heroes." They encouraged officers who continue to serve under the coup army as soldiers and policemen to switch to the people's side before it is too late. The Ministry made a special appeal to fight the terrorist army together with the people.


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