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An informal discussion on Myanmar issues to be held in India.

An informal discussion on Myanmar issues to be held in India.

In addition to the military's air attack on Pazigyi village, a Track 1.5 discussion, which will include both government officials and non-governmental intellectuals, will be held in India in New Delhi.

Track 1 is two-way talks between governments. Since Track 2 is a non-governmental group talking to each other, Track 1.5 will be a discussion event with the participation of both government officials and non-government intellectuals.

At this meeting, in addition to senior officials from ASEAN member countries and representatives of intellectuals, countries such as Thailand, which borders Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh and ASEAN partners such as India and China will participate.

Thai news agency PBS reported, quoting a source familiar with the matter, that the first round of talks held in Bangkok last March had made progress and lead this second talk to possible.

It is also said that Indonesia, the current rotating chairman of ASEAN, Cambodia which served as chairman last year and representatives from major donor countries such as Japan have also been invited to this event.

Experts from regional and humanitarian aid organizations will also participate in the 3-day conference.

Thailand has taken the lead in opening up a channel of dialogue between all those affected by the Myanmar crisis. It is known that the talks will focus on issues related to the 5 ASEAN Common Agreements on Myanmar with the aim of moving the peace process forward.


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