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At least three people were injured, one of them seriously, when weapons hit Tin Thar village.

At least three people were injured, one of them seriously, when weapons hit Tin Thar village of Kalay Township

On the evening of April 28th, the military junta troops stationed in the village of Kyant

Tha in the southern part of Kalay township opened fire into Tin Thar village, injuring at least three civilians, one of whom was seriously injured.

"The shooting started at four o'clock in the evening. It was in Ward No (6). One of them lost his leg. There are also other injured people. At least three people were hit by weapons," said a local resident of Kalay.

He said that four houses in the village were also damaged by the shelling. It is also reported that some people of Tin Thar village and Shar Pho village are fleeing from the village due to heavy weapons being used by the military junta.

"People from Tin Thar village had to flee and some from Shar Pho village as well. They run with carts and cars, and those who don't run, they just haven't run yet, they have prepared their packages," said another local.

Tin Thar Village is a village near the border of Sagaing Region and Magway Region, south of Kalay Township, and is a village with a circuit hospital. Kyant Tha village where the military council is stationed and firing with heavy weapons is only about three miles away from Tin Thar village.

Locals said that because the military council troops opened fire with heavy weapons yesterday, the local defense forces returned fire with heavy weapons towards the village of Kyant Thar.

"Only when we started shooting again, they stopped," said a local.

The army stationed in the southern part of Kalay City in the village of Kyant Tha, and the military council troops from Hanthawaddy village, in the northern part of GantGaw township in Magway region often fire heavy weapons at the nearby villages and the military shelters at the foot of Chin region.

On April 26th, the military council opened fire from Hanthawaddy village with heavy weapons. It is reported that the people of LeChar villages had to flee and a house in that village was said to be hit and damaged as well.


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