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Blackout Strike on the first day of Myanmar’s New Year.

All citizens are encouraged to participate in the blackout strike on the first day of Myanmar’s New Year

April 17th - Myanmar New Year's Day is also one week apart from the day that over a hundred civilians died in Pazigyi village due to the airstrike attack of the Myanmar military junta in Kanbalu town.

Therefore, on the first day of the new year, we strongly encourage people to show that we stand for our citizens and to show all the prayers and the good deeds for all the citizens.

⁃ On this Myanmar New Year's Day, all the good deeds and prayers from all nations and praying at various religions buildings may all be for the innocents' citizens at Pazigyi village.

⁃ The sound of sharing good deeds and prayers in every crossroad all over the nation, prayer meeting in the neighborhood that comes out on this Myanmar New Year's Day will be all for the fallen people of Pazigyi village.

⁃ As the tradition, the sound of tin drums playing in the evening at dusk is an indication of not wanting the evil military dictators that is causing trouble to the Myanmar citizens.

⁃ At 8:00 p.m, a nationwide lights-off strike is to be held to protest the actions of the Myanmar military junta and to show our opposition.

As a whole people who are defending the law and resisting violence, we are still protesting against the actions of the terrorist military junta till today, and we strongly urge you to take part in showing that the people stand for the people, based on the strong federal spirit.


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