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Calling for social punishment for Spring Bishop (NwayOo Sayardaw) who sexually exploited women.

Calling for social punishment for Spring Bishop (NwayOo Sayardaw) who sexually exploited women.

Women Alliance Burma (WAB), GSCB - General Strike Coordination Body, and revolutionary activists have called for the entire public to join forces to punish Spring Bishop (NwayOo Sayardaw) for sexually exploiting women.

Currently, the news that the Ke Sa Ra Account is sexually exploiting women revolutionary activists is spreading on social networking sites with strong evidence. However, it is reported that NwayOo Sayardaw continues to pretend to cover up without confessing to the witnesses.

In this regard, when the Women's Alliance Burma and Revolution activists met with the victim's sisters, they found with strong evidence that Ke Sa Ra not only sexually exploited them, but also threatened the victims and committed security attacks.

Regarding the incident, the women who suffered have requested the following two points from the Spring Bishop (NwayOo Sayardaw).

(1) To confess and apologize for making threats, sexual exploitation of women

(2) To defray due to the act of harassing and speaking inappropriately while wearing religious robes is an act that tarnishes the religion

In that statement, the women's alliance force and revolutionary activists said that they would fully stand by the side of the victimized women and help them, and in accordance with the request, the Spring Bishop (Nway Oo Sayardaw) confessed his guilt and warned the women's alliance forces and revolutionary activists to act as soon as possible on the demands of the women who suffered. As a social punishment, the perpetrator (NwayOo Sayardaw) must be widely condemned, and everyone is urged to stand up for the justice of the victimized women.

During the revolution, including this incident, sexual exploitation of women by members of the revolutionary party often occurred. As these actions distorted the revolution, the people who had committed crimes and refused to object to these actions joined the revolutionary forces and the public. They also requested that the hypocritical revolutionaries receive social punishment and that the relevant judicial departments take effective punishment measures.

Women's Alliance Force

#Women are not guilty of sexual exploitation

#No sexual exploitation of women


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