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CDF-Senthang executive office was bombed and two people died.

CDF-Senthang executive office was bombed and two people died, including the assistant secretary.

According to CDF Senthang, two people, including the deputy general secretary, were killed and three others were injured, when the military junta bombed Khuapi village in Hakha Township, Chin State, and the CDF Senthang Central Executive Council office near the village on May 8 at around 5:00 p.m.

"The windows of three or four houses were broken, and the deputy general secretary was killed," said the CDF-Senthang.

A Chin revolutionary force, CDF-Senthang, is based in the area where the Senthang tribes live in Hakha township.

The military council has bombed the village of Khuapi with Mi-35 helicopters and also bombed the central executive council office of CDF-Senthang, said in a statement.

CDF-Senthang announced that Deputy General Secretary Salai Siang Cung Hnin and Division Commander Salai Duh Lian Hmung were killed in the attack.

The military council dropped six bombs on Phaipha and Surkhua villages in Hakha Township on the evening of May 8th, according to sources. The extent of damage to the two villages is not yet known.

"There is no safe place for us in Chin State anymore. The people have to stop their efforts to harm the people for their power, and the international community needs to act effectively," said a CDF-Senthang member regarding the military council's continuous bombardment of villages in Chin State.

The Chin National Front announced that between March and April of this year, the military council dropped a total of 121 bombs by warplanes.

It is said that among the bombs dropped by the military council, 22 exploded in four villages and the remaining 99 exploded in the vicinity of the village.

As a result of the military council's bombardment, 24 local people, including two CNA soldiers, were killed and 33 were injured in two months, and more than 50 homes, including four Christian churches, were destroyed in the statement, according to the statement.

The military council is conducting a series of airstrikes against Chin State in May. The revolutionary forces said that Hakha Township was the main target of the military council's bombings this month. In May, the military council bombed five villages in Hakha Township, destroying homes including a church.


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