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Chin Army CNDF attacked the terrorist column coming from Kale town to Fa Lang town.

Chin Army CNDF attacked the terrorist column coming from Kale town to Fa Lang town

The Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) reported that the coup military council were intercepted and attacked in a way from Kale town in Sagaing ( စစ်ကိုင်း ) province to Falang ( ဖလမ်း ) township in Chin state.

On March 12th, one of the military council troops was killed and wounded by a landmine near Bar Lone village. On March 14th, military council troops were attacked with mines twice outside the village of Zaung Lay village, killing four people in total.

In that attack, a 12-wheeler belonging to the Military Council was damaged beyond use and had to be left on the road.

On the evening of March 21st, eight members of the terrorist military council were killed and many injured in a cut-off attack between Zaung Lay village and Htin Shuu camp.

On March 17th, 3 people were killed by the terrorist military council in the battle near Parh Thel village. On the same day, 5 soldiers of the military council were intercepted and attacked three times in the vicinity of Parh Thel village, he said.

On March 19th, the CNDF announced that there was an attack with a land mine between the village of Kyaung Hel and Se Za Mwarh village.

Bullets, landmines, bombs were found from the military council during the battles; they were described along with the photo proof.

During the fighting, the Chin National Army (CNA) and the Chin Defense Forces (CDF)-Hua Ngo Yam were reinforced in some areas and attacked the terrorist military council, the CNDF announced, and the Chin Armed Forces reported that there were no casualties.

Since fighting has been going on since March 21st on Falang to Hakha Road, the CNDF has warned people not to travel at all.


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