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China teams up with Thai, and Laos to tackle cyber criminals in Myanmar and said they will together

China teams up with Thai, and Laos to tackle cyber criminals in Myanmar and said they will together with Myanmar.

On August 22, China, Thailand, and Laos will cooperate with Myanmar to combat online gambling and human trafficking. They will cooperate with Myanmar because the online gambling and scams that are spreading in Myanmar have greatly damaged the lives and property of the people. According to the China-based South China Morning Post, the announcement was released after a meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand on August 15 and 16, with the Officials of China's Ministry of Public Security, the Officials from Thailand Laos, and Myanmar discussed cooperating in combating online frauds and human trafficking offenders. After the four-nation meeting, a coordination center was established in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for police cooperation in combating cybercrime gangs.

On August 18, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar announced that the police of four countries, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, will work together to combat online gambling, human trafficking, kidnapping, and control. The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar has published detailed anti-fraud issues these days. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Military Council has not released anything yet. The Shwekokeko region of the Burmese-Thai border is controlled by ethnic armed groups and border guards under the military council, Chinshwehaw, Koekant Region, Pan Sun and Mongpauk in the Laukkai area of the Burma-China border controlled by UWSA, online money fraud gangs called KyarPhyan, led by Chinese nationals, are active in Wenkong areas.

On August 23, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar also reported that two Chinese nationals, including the leader of an online communication fraud gang caught in Myanmar, were handed over to the Chinese police via Yangon Airport by the Military Council Police. Also in June 2023, six Chinese nationals accused of committing online fraud were transferred from Myanmar to China.

The victims of money laundering gangs in Myanmar include Chinese-Thai-Myanmar-Laos citizens as well as ASEAN countries. On August 14, 17 Indonesian citizens who were trafficked to work in online money laundering gangs from the Thai-Myanmar border city of Myawaddy were sent back to Indonesia from Yangon.



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