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Civilians were killed when the terrorist army bombed the town of WaiBuLa with airstrikes.

civilians were killed when the terrorist army bombed the town of WaiBuLa with airstrikes

In response to the attack by the Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) on the terrorist military council's base near Barh Bridge PhaLam Township in Chin State, the terrorist army air-bombed Waibula township in PhaLam Township, killing 9 civilians, said Chin National Army (CNA) spokesman Salai HtetNi.

"A jet fighter landed in the city of WaiBuLa. At first, I heard that six people died there, now there are nine. We heard back that there were three more. Not only there but also at the place where the battle between Hakha and PhaLam took place this evening, four jet fighters and two jet fighters attacked four times. It is known that the two vehicles came to the scene of the fight twice. It is believed that the military council army's airstrike on WaiBuLa town is related to the capture of the military council camp at Barh Bridge in PhaLam Township.”

On March 30th, the terrorist military council air-stiked KhwarPho village in Htan Talan Township without any ground battle presence , killing 9 civilians, including children and women, and injuring many others.

The people will be brutalized like human shields, and then the CNA and the local defense forces will sympathize with the people, and then they will stop the operations, and they will take one of the Phyat4Phyat policies. But this is a real war crime," said the local defense forces.

The terrorist military council army also targeted the public in other areas and attacked them from the air, shooting with a large weapon. They committed mass murders.

The terrorist military council forces’ mass killings in Sagaing, Magwe, Kachin, Karen, Chin are being committed in various regions, including Karenni, and there have been at least 65 cases of military councils in which 5 or more people have been killed, and more than 700 people have lost their lives in these incidents, according to the National Unity Government's Ministry of Human Rights.

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