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CNA/CNF bans non-locals from coming to Chin State

CNA/CNF bans non-locals from coming to Chin State

The Chin resistance forces said that since the military council army is using public transport vehicles to reinforce the military in civilian clothes, non-local travelers will only be allowed to enter with the approval of the revolutionary forces.

The Chin National Front (CNA/CNF) announced yesterday the three military rules that the Chin people must follow because the military council, which has been the cause of ground battles in Chin State, has disguised itself as a civilian and is reinforcing military forces with public tourist vehicles.

In that statement, public transport vehicles are not allowed to transport members of the military council or weapons and military equipment. Banning the entry of travelers from outside the region except for local people, If you want to visit for an important matter, you will only be allowed to enter with a letter of support from the relevant Chin Defense Forces and People's Defense Forces.

The statement said. Violation of these notices will result in severe action and must be followed until further notice,

The Chin Revolutionary Forces said that they understand that people traveling with a letter of endorsement from the Chin Revolutionary Forces may be at risk of passing through the military council's gates, so they need to be investigated for their involvement with the military council.

A CDF-Mupi official, a Chin revolutionary force, said that currently, in Chin State, the revolutionary forces are able to dominate many areas and the military council is only able to dominate in some places, so workers, company employees, and civil society members are entering the region in various ways to reinforce the military, so the CNA/CNF may have issued such prohibitions,

The military council has tried many times to go up to Chin Mountain with military convoys to reinforce the force, but these convoys are often injured and killed due to the attacks of the Chin revolutionary forces.

Currently, in Chin State, between Hakha-Thang Talan and on the side of Mutupi Township, the military council is forming a military line, so it is said that the military is tense as if there are two sides fighting.


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