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CRPH representatives participated in the annual forum of ASEAN Parliamentarians on Human Rights.

CRPH representatives participated in the annual forum of ASEAN Parliamentarians on Human Rights

11 March 2023

Chairman of ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) Hon. Mercy Christy Barends and co-chair Hon. 2023 at the invitation of Charles Santiago. Indonesia from March 3 to 5 Two (2) representatives and one (1) adviser from the Union Hluttaw Representative Committee attended the annual forum of the ASEAN Parliamentarians' Association on Human Rights (APHR) held in Jakarta.

On the first day of the discussion held at the Indonesian House of Representatives, "The Burmese conflict, ASEAN Affairs The National Hluttaw Representative Dr. Win Myat Aye, Union Hluttaw Representative Committee, discussed the role of parliamentarians in Indonesia. The role of the National Unity Government and the National Unity Consultative Council and working together. The challenges and difficulties encountered in the implementation of CRPH's activities were clarified and discussed.

On the second day of the discussion, the National Hluttaw Representative, Dr. Win Myat Aye spoke on the topic "CRPH's Demands for Ending Violence and Restoring Democracy in Myanmar" about the terrorist acts committed by the illegal coup army. The efforts of elected representatives and requests for support from the international community were discussed.

Next, People's Hluttaw Representative U Ne Myo Thant participated in the "MPs at Risk" discussion on the topic of "Challenges of elected Myanmar Hluttaw Representatives". In this discussion, the terrorist army committed human rights violations against the elected representatives. They shared and discussed the circumstances of the arrests and killings, and urged them to cooperate with the efforts of the democratic forces to bring about the downfall of the military dictatorship in Myanmar and the establishment of a federal democratic union despite the violence.

The Union Hluttaw Representative Committee is particularly grateful to the Association of ASEAN Parliamentarians on Human Rights (APHR) for standing with their democratically elected representatives and supporting them in various ways during this difficult time.


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