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Donating looms to the village of Htoo Gyi

We started donating looms to the village of Htoo Gyi that was destroyed by the military council.

15th March 2023

In Sagaing Division Shwebo Township, The S&C Fire and War Education Assistance Group said that they started donating new hand looms yesterday so that the local people could restore the traditional looms that were destroyed due to the arson of the military council troops in Htoo Gyi village. Currently, they are working to donate handloom looms to four nearby villages, including Htoo Gyi village, and they started donating two looms yesterday on March 14th, he said.

"We started donating yesterday. We got 2 local people from Htoogyi and Tanpin villages. It's easy to buy the items. But we don't have our own cars to transport them, so we have to hire trucks to transport them, so the cost is high," he said.

The S&C team is an organization that helps those who lost their homes due to the fire to rehabilitate. The value of one handloom loom is around 6.5 million kyat, and it is planned to donate 10 looms this month, and another 10 looms will be donated in April.

At present, more than 100 local people from those four villages have been selected by voting and are donating looms.

"The main thing is the family that really works and eats with this business. We select local people who are having difficulties and donate. So there are more than 100 people. We’ve had lucky draws a lot and give it to the winner. The people who are knocked out now will not be able to participate next time," he said.

The military council's column entered Htoo Gyi village on February 20th and burned down more than 200 of the more than 600 houses in the village, as well as the traditional machine weaving and handlooms, which are the main industries.


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