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Due to the extreme temperatures, drinking water is scarcer than before in Dala

Due to the extreme temperatures, drinking water is scarcer than before in Dala

The people living in Dala Township on the other side of the Yangon River face the problem of drinking water drought every year.

But this year, due to extreme temperatures, the people of Dala, who had been short of water before, are facing more water shortages.

Dala Township does not produce fresh water, only salt water, so the locals rely mainly on rainwater reservoirs.

Residents said that there is a time limit for drawing water from rainwater reservoirs, and only one hour in the early morning and one hour in the evening is allowed.

So, most of them go there to get water early in the morning before going to work.

There are 25 wards and 23 village groups in Dala Township. There are 54 villages with a population of over 162,000.

There are 329 lakes in Dala City, 124 lakes in the urban areas, and 205 lakes in the villages.

However, due to extreme temperatures this summer, more than 200 lakes have dried up and are being dug up again.

Previously, Dala was delivered from Yangon PoukYwa water supply station with a water pusher, but after the military coup, the residents said that the electricity supply was not enough anymore.

Therefore, with the military coup, some local residents, who have had few jobs and low incomes, are unable to buy and drink drinking water.

The military junta announced in 2021 that an international-level water treatment plant project that will distribute 3.3 million gallons of water per day to Dala Township has been implemented with the help of Japan.

Japan agreed in 2018 during the National League for Democracy (NLD) government to provide 4.176 billion Japanese yen for the project.


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