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Due to the fighting in Pulo, more than a thousand local residents are fleeing the war again.

Due to the fighting in Pulo, more than a thousand local residents are fleeing the war again.

16 th March 2023

In Pulao Township, Tanintharyi Division, the military council forces are attacking the places where the evacuation camps are located, so thousands of civilians are being evacuated again, according to the People's Defense Forces and people providing aid to the evacuation camps.

On March 12th, at 7:00 p.m., the military council forces, which were more than 150 forces, suddenly entered the Ka De village area in three columns, and exchanged fire with the Joint People's Defense Forces.

Due to the firing from both sides, more than a thousand war refugees from Lett Pang Pyin village and neighboring villages in the village of Ka De village had to flee to safety again, said one of the aid workers.

"The ten households in Lett Pangpyun village, A lot of people in that village are avoiding it. Ka De too, They are coming to this place to avoid war. Now I have to move from here to another place, more and more places. If all avoid war, there are more than 1000." he said.

In the battle that night, five people were killed on the side of the People's Defense Joint Forces, including one civilian, and one on the side of the military council. A member of the Public Defense Force from Pu Law Township said that one person was injured.

"The battle lasted only an hour. It was dark at night, so they were attacking the wrong people as well. With that being so close, when they were asked which group they were from, they lied that they were from KNU. When the people on this side looked, they saw military badges and caps, and they stabbed me with a blade. From there, they started shooting at close range.” He said. He added that currently, the military council forces are in a state of military readiness with additional personnel and weapons to form a convoy towards the evacuation camps opened in the area controlled by the People's Defense Forces in Pu Law Township.

"There is an additional force deployed around the village where the people can escape. The news we received today is that they will enter Ka De villages again from the side of Meeo\ L ak Chouk. The main People's Defense Forces and the KNU-controlled areas have opened military evacuation camps. These places have been targeted and attacked by these guys lately." He spoke.

Due to these conditions, the people in the refugee camps are no longer safe anywhere. pregnant women who fled the war said that the elderly is facing many difficulties lately.

"Because we don't live in peace in our village, now they are fleeing the war into the villages on this side. For a moment we thought we were free. Now that place is not safe again. We have to run to another place again. We are ordinary citizens. I don't want the war camps to come and attack. I don't want them to be attacked near here either," said a woman who has been avoiding war in at least two places.

In Pu Law Township, war evacuation camps have been opened in KNU-controlled areas and areas controlled by the People's Defense Forces. There are also people who are hiding in forest vegetable farms.

On the other hand, because the military council forces are carrying out targeted attacks towards the places where the war refugees are located, there is a need for food and medicine for the people who have fled the war. "Now, those who avoid war are suffering a lot. Moving to a new place is not easy. We have to plan for living and other food issues. Medicines and food. We also have to find a way to transport them. Very uncomfortable, These are also in demand. It's hard, bro." He spoke.

Southern Monitor, a research group, said that in Tanintharyi Region, there were 75 incidents of fighting and terrorist conflict during the month of February, and Pu Law Township was among the most frequent one.

In addition to this, there are more than 2,600 war refugees who are permanently fleeing the war in Pu Law Township in the month of February, and there are about 25,000 temporary war refugees who are sheltering in the nearby mountains and areas, according to Dawna Thanintharri - War Refugee Assistance Group.


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