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Due to the ongoing fighting in Myawaddy Town and Kawkayite Town.

Due to the ongoing fighting in Myawaddy Town and Kawkayite Town, the Defense Forces of Asia Road have issued a statement since yesterday, March 25th.

According to the tour drivers, there were shots fired by the military council yesterday evening.

“Yesterday evening, a passenger car which was passing by on Asia Road was killed when the military council troops opened fire” said a driver passing by.

"Yesterday evening, two passenger cars went down. One of the car carrying 12 passengers was thrown by the army, hitting a passenger in the chest and killing him on the spot. Another was injured. From here, it's at the foot of the twin towers. Now the cars are going around the forest road. The trucks are still stuck. Right now, they (the military) have told me that if they go within three days, they will shoot. Not guaranteed, of course. If you want to go down now, go to Nyi Naung Bak To Di Myawaddy Asia Road. If they suspect, they will shoot,'' said the driver.

Due to this situation, tourists are travelling through KNU, KNLA, PC, and their cars are stuck in ThinGan Nyi Naung, where the fight took place yesterday morning.

In Karen State, People familiar with the military situation on the ground said that since the morning of March 25th, near the Myawaddy trade zone and Kawkayate village in Myawaddy town, there has been a fierce battle between the military council and the KNLA joint forces, and there have been many deaths on the side of the military council and civilian casualties.

The white tiger column in the area of the 6th Brigade which is also in Karen State announce that as the military situation inside Myawaddy Township is complicated, people from Kyone Doe Township and Mayawati Township are requested not to cross by any means from Kyone Doe Township.

Until now, the fighting between the two sides continued to be intense near Korkaret village, and the military council continued to carry out airstrikes this morning, and there have been civilian casualties as well.


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