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Due to the storm, four refugee camps from Chin, on the India-Myanmar border were destroyed.

Due to the storm, four refugee camps from Chin, on the India-Myanmar border were destroyed.

Cyclone MOCHA has affected four different Chin refugee camps in the Mizoram state on the India-Myanmar border, and about a hundred houses, including churches, have been damaged.

"The shelters are all gone, Khaing Zong Kam from LonLey District. It was more damaged because of the small wooden poles and small bamboo walls. They were gathered in one school, there were many elderly people and children, more than 70 from more than 90 in Khaing Zong camp," he said.

India Mizoram State Khaing Zong Refugee Camp in Lon Ley District is a refugee camp with a few thousand people. It is said that 56 houses including two churches were destroyed and nearly 130 people are facing difficulties.

In the Kanan refugee camp in Laungtalai district, 89 people are facing difficulties because 30 houses were destroyed, and 34 people are facing difficulties in the Van Puis refugee camp, with eight houses destroyed.

In addition, a church and two houses were destroyed in the Tu Pan refugee camp in the Shaha district. These military refugee camps are located in Chin State, there are camps where war refugees live in Matupi Township.

Because these camps do not receive enough support from donors. It is said that almost all women and men have to do their jobs and survive on a small daily wage.

Those who are helping the displaced people say that they need living things such as flooring and shelter, as well as basic food and medicine.

Cyclone MOCHA has destroyed more than 1,100 homes in 7 townships of Chin State, and NUG has announced that the areas affected by the storm need medical equipment, surgical equipment, and basic medicine.

The military council declared Paletwa, Matupi, Hakha, and Titin townships as areas affected by natural disasters on yesterday.

The Military Council had restored phone lines to some areas before MOCHA Cyclone hit, but they were cut off immediately after the storm passed. People who are doing relief work say that there are difficulties in emergency relief work.

Cyclone MOCHA destroyed more than half of the 2nd CDF battalion headquarters dormitories, as well as some Chin Revolutionary Forces camps, including the 2nd CNDF battalion headquarters in Phalam and Paletwa CDF camp.


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