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During the 67th Commission on the Status of Women meeting, Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun, ..

During the 67th Commission on the Status of Women meeting, Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun, Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations, gave a speech at the side event titled 'Using technology to empower women and girls in Myanmar and increase equality'.

(New York City, 2023, March 6th)

On the morning of 6-3-2023, the opening of the (67th) session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67) was held at the United Nations headquarters based in New York City. The meeting will be held until 17-3-2023.

At the meeting, the leaders of the United Nations member states, Heads of government and ministerial-level representatives from women's affairs ministries are attending and discussing "Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls" (Priority Theme).

In addition, the offices of the permanent delegations of various countries to the United Nations and the United Nations affiliated organizations. Side events organized by agencies and civil society organizations are also being held simultaneously starting from 6-3-2023.

The Office of the Permanent Delegation of Spain led by the Office of the Permanent Mission of Norway. Office of the Permanent Mission of Sweden; Gender Equality Network (GEN) Myanmar A side event titled "Using Technology to Promote Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls in Myanmar" jointly organized by Women Advocacy Coalition-Myanmar (WAC-M) and UN Women was held on 6-3-2023 (Monday). It was held at Conference Room 1 at the United Nations Headquarters at 01:15 in the afternoon.

In the program, a short video of the Gender Equality Network (GEN) was shown, which documented the situation of women using online technology to achieve gender equality and women's rights in Myanmar.

Then the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of International Development of Norway Ms. Bjørg Sandkjær and the Spanish Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Agustín Santos Maraver gave opening remarks. Ma Yadana from Myanmar Internet Project continued. Ma Wai Wai Nu from Women's Peace Network Myanmar; Gender Equality Network (GEN) Myanmar's Ma May Zha Pa Phyu and Women Advocacy Coalition - Myanmar (WAC-M) Ma Khin Lay also participated as panellists.

After that, the attendees asked what they wanted to know and the panellists discussed and answered. After that, Åsa Regnér, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, and Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun, Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations, gave closing remarks.

its_not_me, [3/8/2023 10:00 PM]

5. When ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun gave a closing speech, he showed gratitude to Norway, Spain and Sweden and due to the arbitrary military coup in Myanmar, plus he expressed gratitude to the panelists who discussed the challenges faced by women human rights activists in using technology to oppose the military dictatorship, and also discussed the following key points:

(a)The speakers have already talked about the difficulties and challenges that the people of Myanmar, especially women and girls, are facing. The progress achieved by the Burmese army in the past decade was completely destroyed by the arbitrary military coup on 1-2-2021. The people of Burma are completely opposed to the rule of the military dictators. The reason is not because they hate the military dictator, but because the military dictators destroy the basic human rights of the people. The basic rights of women and girls have been abused and violated, especially during the military's arbitrary military coup. Instead of empowering women and increasing the rights of women and girls in Myanmar, they are the main target group of atrocities committed by the inhuman army.

(b)Just as the living conditions of ordinary women and girls in Myanmar are worrying, women who are human rights activists are also struggling due to the illegal actions committed by the military. He wanted to avoid being arrested by the army. In addition to fleeing from small towns to villages in search of safety, they are oppressed to express themselves freely and express their voices. In addition, it is difficult to track the atrocities committed by the army because of the power outages and the lack of access to digital devices. As the people who discussed it said, they are very disappointed to know that the members of the fascist army are illegally checking people's mobile phones wherever they like. Now people are afraid to hold mobile phones when they go out. The situation is unacceptable. This is the situation where his people are living in fear every day.

(c) For women who protect human rights in such a difficult and extremely dangerous situation, they play an important role in documenting the atrocities being committed by the army and providing more information to the relevant organizations. They are truly brave and worthy of his grace. He said that he respects and praises them.

(d) This revolution, which is resisting the inhuman army, is a set of peaceful methods from the new generation of young people. In particular, it is important to note that it was led by using digital channels. On his part, he praised the women and girls who are leading and actively participating in the People's Resistance and Revolutionary War.

(e) As seen in the video, some activists are teaching children; It is tragic to see that these trainings are being conducted in bomb pits in order to protect them from the threat of air raids by the army.

(f) Myanmar is also determined to achieve gender equality and women's empowerment, including access to technology by women and girls. This is not only for the period of revolution, but also for the future establishment of a federal democratic state. In addition, information for all the people in Myanmar. Education and information appropriate for the Rohingyas living in the camps in Cox's Bazar while working on technological and communication development. Access to technology and communication must be included. We would like to ask the international community to provide additional support in this area.

(g) Concluding that the only way to bring about this development is the end of the military dictatorship. In the same way, organizational reforms must be made as necessary. Therefore, on behalf of the Burmese people, he would like to request the international community to take effective actions immediately.

(h) In conclusion, I would like to express my special respect and praise to the women and girls who are bravely pioneering the protection and promotion of human rights, who continue to contribute to the welfare of the country and its people. requested the points.

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