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Eight people, including three women from Magway, were prosecuted by the military junta.

Eight people, including three women from Magway, were prosecuted by the military junta under the terrorism law.

Eight (8) local residents, including three women, were arrested and charged with terrorism after the military council raided Mindon Township and Tharet Township in Magway region for a week.

photo - AAPP

"According to the list sent, there are 3 from Sett Lal village, and 4 people from Lett Pwa were arrested. It is known that these people are detained at the police station in Tharet Township. As far as I have heard, it is because it is connected with a terrorist group, so we will take action under that section," said the residents of Mindon Township.

The military council column from Mindon Township arrested a total of eight people, three from the village of Sett Lal, one from New Village, four from Lepo Village and Tharet Township.

It is not yet known exactly whether those who have been arrested will be allowed to meet with their families and will not be allowed to hire a lawyer.

Starting on April 28th, 66th Division of the Military junta, about 300 members of the Defense Equipment Factory (KAPS) 12 and KAPS 13 column attacked Sinkaw village and Sett Lel village in Tharet Township, Lett Pwa Village and Min Toon Township.

When the army was deployed in the villages of Tharet Township and Mindon Township, they entered the house of U Aung Toe, a retired teacher in Tharet Township, and searched the house with a heavy weapon. As well as vandalism, the house was taken away.

It is reported that three (3) local residents, including U Aung Toe, from the village of Sett Lal were arrested and beaten by the military council army, and some other villagers were also arrested and questioned.

They raided and destroyed some houses in Latt Pwa and Mhike villages in Mindon Township and arrested (4) villagers.

On May 5th in Mindon Township, more than 100 forces raided the new Ayochin village on the west side of Monywa road, where they confiscated the phones of the villagers and rounded them up.

After that, a woman named Ma Pati, who sells goods in the village, was unjustly arrested. It is reported that she was beaten and they continued to fire about 20 points from the village into the forest and towards Nyapyin village with an 81 mm weapon. As a result of the shooting, the residents of Nyapyin village had to flee in fear and had to stay away from the war for about 2 days.

On April 7th, Ma Patiwas arrested and the column was reported to have left.

The local civilians who were arrested along the lines of the military junta are currently being held at the police station in Tharek township, and the locals said that they are planning to prosecute them under terrorist charges, accusing them of being in contact with a terrorist group.

“The only thing they check is because of PDFs. Kyauktai police station was attacked right before this month. Then they attacked the Sinkaw Police Station with heavy weapons. There are some military vehicles pulling mines.They think there will be PDFs and thus they are attacking in such columns. It's the same in New Village as well," said a resident.

It is reported that the Military Council Army released at least 10 local civilians who were taken as human shields during the raid.

In addition, some CDM employees in Mindon Township were chased and arrested on those days, so they are said to be on the run.

In Mindon Township, there are about 150 households in Lett Pwa Village and Mhike Village and in September 2022, when the military council raided, about 40 residents of these villages were arrested and imprisoned.

Some civilians were arbitrarily sentenced to around 10 to 15 years in prison. These villages are often from the villages where the army often arrests and beats them.

On April 20th, the 300-strong convoy that is currently patrolling villages in Tharek and Mindon townships, Magwe Division, was a column that had been on a week-long march to West Roema Mountain in Minhla Township.

On April 22, that column also burned the entire village of Ayochin, which had 25 houses.

AAPP announced that 2,1973 people were arrested from the time of the military council coup until May 8th, 2023. As of April 30th of this year, 4,348 women were arrested, where 3,404 of them were still under arrest.


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