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Eleven local people are still missing in Nang Naing village where people were massacred.

Eleven local people are still missing in Nang Naing village where people were massacred.

On the Shan-Kayah Border of the pin Laung Township, Saung Pyoung Are, on March 11th, 3 monks and 19 civilians were killed inside the monastery of Nang Naing village, and there are also missing villagers, he said at the press conference held today on March 16th.

On March 11, when military council troops raided Nan Naing village in Pin Laung, which is more than 50 miles away from Nay Pyi Taw, there were 33 people, including monks, in the village, and 22 dead bodies were found.

According to the list, there are 33 people. 22 dead bodies were found. The remaining 11 are still alive. It is not yet known if he was arrested by the army or if he was trying to spread false propaganda,'' said KNDF spokesperson.

Since the middle of February this year, the Military Council has been marching into Karenni State with 12 lines of convoys, and since there is fighting on both sides near the Ping Laung Ka Songkhi area, it is also said that the KNDF visited and negotiated with the local residents before the incident so that the residents of Nan Nim village could flee the war.

However, the priests and the local residents renegotiated and said that they wanted to guard the village and would not interfere with the revolutionary groups.

In addition, after the bodies were found, when the KNDF soldiers carried out surveillance with a drone, they found 7 more bodies near the village, but they could only confirm that there were dead bodies and could not confirm who they were. Therefore, 22 bodies have been found and confirmed, and 11 civilians are still missing as of today.

General Zaw Min Tun, the leader of the Military Council's press release team, accused the KNDF PNDF(KK) of the mass killings in Nyman Naing village, and the lobby channels of the Military Council were the first to spread propaganda with the headlines of "Suppression of the Kayahpadeks".

In addition to this, the bullet marks and bullets found near the scene where the locals were killed that day were MA 5.56 bullet shells used by the military council soldiers, M79 ammunition shells; Fragments of weapons, shells of fresh ammunition, Witnesses and defense forces have released reports of homes damaged by heavy weapons.

What we can say for sure is that on March 11, our defense forces

I was not in the village. I have never done violent killings before. I won't do it now. I will not do it in the future,'' said the KNDF spokesperson.

In addition, when a medical doctor from the Karenni State Health Council conducted a medical examination of the bodies of the local residents who were killed in Nang Nain village, it emerged that the local residents died after being tortured.

Dr. Ye Zaw of the Karenni State Health Council disclosed these records in medical terms along with photographic evidence at today's press conference.

''I was stabbed with sharp things.

Some people were shot more than once. It can be said that the wounds suffered by the villagers were inflicted before they were killed. Some of the wounds were brutally shot at close range,'' Dr. Ye Zaw said. Therefore, the Karenni People's Force said that they will open a case of torture and murder and prosecute this incident.

The National Unity Government (NUG) says that it has recorded the killing of local residents in Nang Nain village on the ground and has sent international investigation teams to Myanmar and is conducting direct interviews with those on the ground.

''The Myanmar issue is no longer a domestic issue. It is no longer a regional problem that threatens the ASEAN region. There are already war crimes like Ukraine where the military threatens everyone's humanity. Not only to find a solution, but to take action,'' NUG Human Rights Minister Dr. Aung Myo Min said.

According to the statement of the NUG, the military council said that there were 64 cases of mass killings in which more than five people were killed, and there were 4 cases of mass killings in March of this year alone, and 766 people were killed in these incidents.

The National Unity Government (NUG) said today, March 16, that the military council strongly condemns all the crimes committed against humanity and will take serious action to restore justice in the Nang Nain village incident and the massacre of local residents. Karenni Consultative Council (KSCC) and Pao National Federal Council (PNFC) jointly published.


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