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Encouraging to do an online campaign to honour women on March 8th International Women’s Day

March 7th, 2023

On March 8th International Women's Day, Myanmar Federation of General Trade Unions (FGWM) and the Women's Committee (FGWM) Women's Committee -FGWM urge to participate in the online campaign to honour the women (workers) who are fighting for human rights in various forms and responsibilities.


f we look back at the history of how International Women's Day came about, political moves, In every movement of history, we will see that women (workers) participated in the front line bravely, and in the current Burmese Spring Revolution, women (workers) are actively participating in the front line of the resistance and are fighting against injustice.

Within the current social system, women (workers) are the most oppressed human beings and are the group with the highest level of liberation.

In addition, the demand of women (workers) is not only for women, human rights, the voice of the people, the rights of all workers; the federation and the committee announced that they represent global peace.

Therefore, in honour of the women (workers) who are taking on various roles and responsibilities in various ways and are fighting for human rights, we have invited them to participate together on International Women's Day.

In the online campaign, women (workers) take photos together with the things they do every day from where they are (for example, cooking equipment, factory tools, shopping, and the equipment of female soldiers on the front lines of the battlefield) and write on their Facebook accounts on March (8th) that "women workers are truly human beings" and write "honour and recognize women's day" and participate in the campaign. It is very encouraging.


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