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Ethnic Groups Condemn the airstrike attack on Pazigyi village.

On April 21st, the military junta and the ethnic armed groups under the “(AyatPyit) cease-fire" issued a press release saying that they condemned the air attack on Pazigyi village, which killed nearly 170 people and had harmed civilians.

This was announced by the Peace Process Steering Team (PPST), which is a group of ethnic armed groups that have signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).

This group also includes seven ethnic armed groups that are negotiating a “ceasefire” with the Military Council.

PPST also said that they would resolve the current political crisis by holding meetings with political forces and the NyiNaung Ethnic Armed organizations.

In addition, PPST urged all parties involved in the conflict to find a comprehensive solution to the current political crisis.

To solve the political problem in a political way, it is also said that the PPST will stand by the principles of political dialogue and the protection of civilians, and will continue to strive for peace and the construction of a federal democratic union.


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