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February 25th, with a Mi-35 Rakhat vehicle and opened fire for no reason.

In Myain City, Residents said that the military council came to the elementary school in Mamukkan village, south of Bharye village, at around 10:30 in the morning today, February 25th, with a Mi-35 Rakhat vehicle and opened fire for no reason.

"They shot at the school, there were children there, they were studying inside, and they shot

straight at the school building," said one of the local residents.

The military council launched an attack with heavy weapons and machine guns from an attack helicopter, and the students and local residents were not hit, and there were no casualties. Nobody really did not understand why the military council would come to attack the school without any recent fighting.

He said, "It's luck where children run and hide like lucky. If it's true, it's a second-hand trap," he said. It is said that the situation was calm when the military council helicopter came to shoot from the air.

The military council shot at the Maaung Kanywa Primary School and when the shooting happened, the teachers forced the children to hide under the benches at the back of the school building.

According to the local residents, one cow was killed and two cows were injured near the house near the primary school in Maungkan village due to the military council's aerial firing.

On January 21st, the Military Council of the District Hospital in Bhary village, near Mamin Lake village, had been attacked by airstrikes.ByaHin is a large village where the circuit hospital is located, and there used to be a police station where members of the Military Council used to camp.

The local defense forces often tried to attack and capture the police station, so the members of the military council left the camp.


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