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Four military council soldiers surrendered to the KNLA

Four military council soldiers surrendered to the KNLA.

On April 19, the 5th Brigade of the Karen National Liberation Army, KNLA, Mutoro District, announced that four soldiers from the 341st Infantry Battalion of the Military Council had surrendered with their weapons.

It is said that those who surrendered were Maung Toe Toe, a front-line soldier from Lel Toe Camp, a front-line army camp, soldiers Ye Htet Kyaw and soldier Aung Pai Phyo and Trooper Cho Lwin Oo.

On April 10th, those four soldiers brought four MA-1 guns, 16 cartridges/cases full of bullets, two grenades and five grenades, according to the statement.

It is also said that military council soldiers are surrendering to the KNLA almost every month.

Those soldiers were treated arbitrarily while serving at the frontline camp. The KNLA's statement said that they surrendered because they could not bear enough food and were willing to fight back against the military council.

The statement did not specify the exact number of people who surrendered to the KNLA in the more than two years since the military council took power.


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