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Human rights activists urge ASEAN to refer Myanmar military to court.

Human rights activists urge ASEAN to refer Myanmar military to court.

On August 10, a complaint was sent to the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta to have justice and responsibility for the people of Burma, lawyers from Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) and the Philippines, and Indonesia joined together.

CHRO, along with two Filipino human rights lawyers and two Indonesian lawyers, have signed a request to ASEAN to establish an ASEAN fact-finding mission to investigate war crimes and international crimes committed by the military in Myanmar, to create a regional criminal court to try the perpetrators and to establish an organization that will receive and investigate the complaints of individuals. Additionally, these groups have also requested ASEAN to establish a permanent representative office for the ASEAN Special Envoy, which will conduct long-term monitoring of incidents and crimes in Myanmar and find new ways for peace.

President of CHRO, Salai Zar Uk said that ASEAN's special envoys, who change with the change of ASEAN president, frequently enter and leave Myanmar, so the military council can avoid ASEAN's demands in various ways. Daw Khin Ohmar, a human rights activist, said that ASEAN and the international community have changed from the current path, and she said that she welcomed such complaints as it was long overdue to get the justice and responsibility that the people of Burma should get.



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