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Hundreds of Burmese migrant workers are protesting this evening to demand full labor rights.

Burmese workers and activists in Thailand, Myanmar citizens arriving in Thailand Workers and human rights activists from Thailand gather in the center of Bangkok to celebrate International Labor Day.

Earning a minimum wage for workers that is sufficient for three family members. The right to freely organize and organize labor groups in Thailand, Burmese workers are also demanding that the Myanmar-Thai authorities negotiate and discuss points so that the documents of Burmese workers arriving in Thailand can be renewed in Thailand.

Labor forces will march from the Constitutional Monument in Bangkok to the government office and deliver an open letter on today's demands to the Thai Labor Minister.

At today's demonstration of Burmese workers in Bangkok, the messages sent by the National Unity Government (NUG) and the 88th-generation student leader Ko Min Ko Naing will also be read.


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