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In Karenni State, the military junta used nearly 70 civilians as human shields against .

In Karenni State, the military junta used nearly 70 civilians as human shields against, killing at least three.

Human rights activists say that the military has used 68 civilians as human shields in cities where the military junta and Karenni forces are in the battle.

“There are releases in some places, detaining in some other places. If we include those who were released, there are around 68 people. More than 20 people have been arrested as human shields.”


n the process of being arrested as human shields, a total of three people were killed, including one from Phel Khone and one from Loikaw.

The use of civilians as human shields by the military in Karenni State after the military dictatorship was first recorded in August of 2021, and on April 25th this year in Pinlong Township, director of the Karenni Human Rights Group, said that there were about 10 cases of human torture on local villagers in the villages.

It is a gross violation of human rights. It puts people in a potentially life-threatening situation. It is used as a buffer zone during dangerous shooting in wars.

“On the other hand, it also has the effect of using people to clear landmines. During their detention, they were beaten and tortured, as well as cut off from their families.” he said. He said that the military junta has been using civilians as human shields during the battles in Karenni state for many years, and that civilians are often dragged along as guides.

From the time of the military dictatorship to the present day, the use of civilians as human shields in Demoso-Fruso Road has resulted in (4) people being released and (2) still being arrested.

"In Loikow, there are still missing people among the arrests. There are 2 people on the death list. There are four people who have not been released at all. There are elderly people who have been released," said Ko Banyar from the Karenni Human Rights Group.

On April 24th, Pin Long Township, the military council tied some civilians behind their hands and took them as human shields, and when the Karenni joint forces entered the village to clear the area, they found the body of a man who had been strangled and killed.

The KNDF-Fangbo released a report today that the military junta is blatantly committing war crimes involving the use of human shields, arresting and killing local civilians in Nang Nim from Shan-Kayah border, Lone Pyin, Taung Me Thin.

The Progressive Karenni People's Force has reported that since the military dictatorship to March 31st of this year, 379 people have been arrested and 313 civilians have been killed in Karenni State.

The military council is not only in Karenni State, but also in other places, abducting civilians as human shields and committing murders.

In Sagaing region's TarTine village, there was an incident last March when the military junta arrested and killed at least 15 civilians as human shields.

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