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In Khin Oo Township, more than 8,000 residents have to flee because of the burning.

In Khin Oo Township, more than 8,000 residents have to flee because of the burning.

On July 7th, two columns of military council troops entered villages in the western and eastern parts of Khin Oo Township, Sagaing Region, and set fire to the villages.

A military council column of more than 100 men burned the villages of Konegyi and Lelthittaw in the eastern part of Khin Oo Township on July 6, and today they are continuing their column towards Wetthea village.

Residents also said that they were burning the tents of war refugees in the forest while they were marching towards the village of Wethea.

In the western part of Khin Oo Township, a column of about 50 people is reported to be burning Myakan village this morning on July 7th.

Because of the current convoy, more than 8,000 residents of the villages around the route of the convoy in the east and west of Khin Oo Township have fled to safety, he said.

In the July 6 arson incident, a burning body was found in the burning area of Konegyi village, and residents said there may be other victims besides this one.

It is said that 25 houses in Konekyi village, and 12 poultry farms in Konegyi village, including two houses in Lelthittaw village, were also burned, and more than 40,000 broiler chickens (CP) were lost.

During the two years of the coup d'état, around 6,000 homes in 76 villages in Khin Oo Township were burned and more than 30,000 civilians were left homeless, according to local residents and defense groups.

2023 list of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), as of June 13, 765,200 residents of Sagaing have fled their homes after the coup.

On July 7, 2023, Konegyi Village in Khin Oo Township was burned down. (Photo: Citizen Journalist)


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