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In Mattara, nine villages have been burned and more than ten thousand civilians have fled

Mandalay Division Residents said that between March 13th and 17th, the military council troops destroyed nine villages in Mattara ( မတ္တရာမြိုနယ် ) township, causing more than ten thousand residents to flee.

Mway Puthein Village ( မြွေပုသိမ်ရွာ ) ၊ Mway Kyi Gone Village ( မြွေကြည်ကုန်းရွာ ), Mway Kuu Toe Village ( မြွေကူးတို့ဆိပ်ရွာ ), Mway Shwe Khel Village (မြွေရွှေခဲရွာ ) , Po Wa (North) Village (ပိုဝ - မြောက် ရွာ ), Sein Pan Gone Village (စိန်ပန်းခုံးရွာ ) , Mway Kha La Village (မြွေခလယ်ရွာ ) , Mway Yay Yin Village ( မြွေရေယာဥ်ရွာ )and Mway Ta Line village ( မြွေတလိုင်းရွာ ) were destroyed by fire.

A local said that the civilians in the village in the western part of Mattara Township ( မတ္တရာမြိုနယ် ) are fleeing and the details of the fire damage are still unknown.

"Every village in the western part of Mattaramyeon has to flee. The population must be at least ten thousand. There is a military council army there, so I can't tell you about the condition of the house that was burnt down. Many of them have already left but many of them don't dare to go back home and some of us who are fleeing the war are living in makeshift tents in areas close to forests," he said.

One Local said that On the 13th of March, the military council army attacked Mway Pu Village, Mway Kyi Gone Village, Mway Kuu Toe Village, Mway Shwe Khel Village and on March 15th, Po Wa (North) Village, Sein Pan Gone Village and on March 16, Mway Kha La Village, Mway Yay Yin Village, and finally on March 17, they raided Mway Ta Line village.


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