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In more than two years of the coup, nearly 470 Chin people were killed.

In more than two years of the coup, nearly 470 Chin people were killed.

On July 4th, the Chin Affairs League, a Chin human rights watchdog group, announced that 468 Chin people were killed by the military council army and subordinate organizations in more than two years from February 2021 to the end of June 2023, when the military seized power.

In addition to Chin people from Chin State, it is known that there are Chin people from all over Myanmar, and the deaths of ordinary civilians and Chin people fighting armed conflict are included.

Photo: Citizen Journalist

After the coup d'état, it documents the military's human rights violations and killings of the Chin people throughout Myanmar. Among those who died within two and a half years, those who died under aged People from the Chin Revolution are also included. According to the list of Chin Affairs League, 164 in 2021, 195 people were killed in 2022 and 109 people were killed in the six months to the end of June 2023.

Due to these circumstances, the Chin National League said that effective international investigations should be carried out on the ongoing political conflict in Myanmar.

After the military coup, Chin State has been a region with strong armed resistance against the military council, and even now, there are frequent clashes between the two sides in Chin State.

According to the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners (AAPP) as of July 6, 3,750 pro-democracy activists and citizens across the country were killed during the coup.


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