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In today's fierce battle between Hakha and Thantlang,

In today's fierce battle between Hakha and Thantlang, there are airstrikes from the side of the military council, and two defense forces are killed.

An official from the CDF Hakha said that since the morning of July 3rd, military council troops have been attacking the Thida side between Hakha town and Thantlang town in Chin State.

"The offensive started this morning and there was a big battle. Our side lost two. We lost a hill. The military council side also fell, but the exact details are not yet known. There were also airstrikes. It was raining and the lines were bad, so the exact details are not yet known."

During today's battle, the local media reported that the military council's airstrikes damaged the houses in the Thida camp between Hakha-Thangtalan.

The area where the fighting took place today is also a little far from residential villages, and the details of the situation of the residents are not yet known, according to those familiar with the military situation on the ground.

Since the military coup, there have been nearly 600 battles in Chin State, and Thantlang Township has been the largest with more than 1,300 houses being burned, and 140,000 displaced people, according to ISP Myanmar's 2nd coup anniversary statement.


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