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Indonesia thanked China for its support of the ASEAN Common Opinion.

Indonesia thanked China for its support of the ASEAN Common Opinion

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said that he is grateful to China for supporting the 5 ASEAN Common Agreements on Myanmar.

After meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who is in Indonesia, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno said, "Indonesia thanked China for supporting the 5 Common Agreements, and said that this is ASEAN's main position to help solve the political crisis in Myanmar.

photo credit - Reuters

If there is to be a meaningful negotiation in Myanmar, the EU strongly suggested that the Union Representative Committee (CRPH), Interim National Unity Government (NUG); ethnic organizations, political parties of all relevant individuals and organizations, including other pro-democracy groups, should participate all in so that it results in finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

“That is why Indonesia, as the rotating chairman of ASEAN, will interact with all the main groups in Myanmar” said the Indonesian Foreign Minister. To help solve the political crisis facing Myanmar after the military coup in 2021, ASEAN adopted a 5-point common position. However, the Myanmar Military Council still fails to implement this agreement.

The main urge of the ASEAN consensus (5) is to stop violence immediately and hold talks. However, as the military conflict escalates and the Burmese Military Council has increased operations against the opposition and ethnic armed groups.

Moreover, the term of martial law is extended, and this year's election is still uncertain. On the other hand, both Western countries, including the United States, are working to implement the ASEAN Common Agreement on Myanmar. Most of the neighboring countries, including China, support it. In the recent UN Security Council Resolution No. 2669 regarding Myanmar, the ASEAN Common Agreement was urged to be implemented.

The Chinese Foreign Minister is visiting Indonesia from February 21st to 23rd. It is reported that the discussion is to finalize the rules and regulations of the disputed South China Sea region.


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