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It’s been 2 years since the Phayarni Pagoda strike line was takes.

It’s been 2 years since the Phayarni Pagoda strike line was takes

After the military coup on March 3, 2021, at least 9 local people were killed when the military council shot and destroyed a peaceful protest column near Pagoni in Monywa city. Today marks 2 years.

Today, the young people of the revolutionary forces in Monywa held a memorial service for those who were killed by the army in Monywa.crtt! I’m going ?

Today, smoke bombs were thrown into the crowd in Mon village. Many people fainted. Today, every time I come to this time, I still see the scene in my eyes. The locals said that we could not forget lynntoday.

On that day, university students, including the poet Kez Win, were shot by the army. The prisoners and 9 locals were also killed.

He resents the lackluster actions of the military dictator. Disgusted and hated. Comrades who are fighting for the Mon village said that since they saw the blood of innocent people on the streets, they joined the armed revolution to fight this tyrant.

During the past 2 years, the military's acts of violence have gotten worse in day by day, so the people are encouraged by the revolutionary forces to participate in the military dictatorship revolution in order to find justice for the fallen comrades and the people.


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