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It’s been two full years since the general public strike (22222)

February 22nd, 2023

Today, February 22nd, it has been two years since the 22222 General Public Strike, a public movement against the military coup, in which monks and people from all over Myanmar participated.

It was also a historic day that the international media broadcasted the protest against the military dictator by a large number of public forces across the country which marked that day that the people of the country and abroad were able to show their historic strength.

On February 22nd, 2021, after the military took over power, the public strike the general protest (22222, the five twos), with the slogan of "ပြိုင်တူစုရုန်း နှစ်ငါးလုံး" (which translate to “we fight in the sight of 02.02.2022) and that they do not want a military dictator in various cities throughout Myanmar. Commercial stores and shops were closed and many people participated in the huge protest with strong togetherness.

Not only the locals but also the internationals also join in with forces to show that they are also against the military.

Now, the military coup has lasted more than 2 years, but the underground movements and armed resistance of the people who don't want the military dictator are still in flames as the military council of the coup continues to oppress the public in various ways. Despite the various repressions of the military coup, the people of Burma still continue to write their historic revolution.


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