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KNU rejected the military council's peace offer.

KNU rejected the military council's peace offer.

The 17th conference of the KNU, which has been armed against the military for more than 70 years for a federal democracy, was held online for 10 days from April 24 to May 4 at the KNU headquarters and various districts on the Thai Myanmar border.

After the leadership change during this conference, the military council offered the KNU to negotiate peace on May 9.

The conference's decision to cooperate with all those who oppose the military council for the establishment of a federal democratic system is a confrontation and armed struggle, so instead, the discussion is the best for long-term peace, according to the National Unity and Peacemaking Coordination Committee of the Military Council.

It is also reported that six central executives, including KNU President General Saw Mutu Say Poe, who opposed the armed resistance in the coup conflict and called for dialogue, were not re-elected.

KNU's statement after the conference stated that KNU will fight against bigotry and military dictatorship and establish a federal democratic union, Democracy Ethnic armed resistance forces fighting for national equality and self-determination, and Democratic forces, and they will cooperate with various classes of people.

The National Unity and Peacemaking Coordination Committee of the Military Council criticized this decision against the NCA treaty.

The statement said that the path of confrontation would lead to terrorist attacks and hinder the construction of a union based on democracy and federalism.

National Unity Government (NUG) presidential office spokesperson U Kyaw Zaw said he hopes to cooperate with the new KNU leaders to speed up the armed resistance this year.

"We from the NUG government congratulate the newly formed leadership. As for us, this KNU group, We hope to work together with all the ethnic armed groups to attack the military dictatorship, which is the common enemy, as soon as possible, and work together to accelerate the downfall of the military dictatorship."

Pado Saw Kwe Htoo Win, who became the chairman, was deeply involved in the peace talks between the KNU and successive governments.

After the coup, the central working committee of the National League for Democracy (NLD) led by U Aung Kyi Nyun and Pado Saw Kwe Htoo Win met at least three times and promised to overthrow the military dictatorship, said participants in the discussion.

After the military coup, KNU President General Saw Mutu Say Poe and some KNU leaders were inclined to negotiate with the Military Council, but most KNU central leaders rejected the negotiation.

Kyaukgyi Township, Nyaung Laypin District, Pado Saw Thamein Tun, a member of the KNU Central Committee, said that Saw Tha Ge, the younger brother of KNU Vice President Pado Saw Tha Ge and Saw Tha Ge's son were arrested by the Military Council on the evening of May 14 and released on May 15.

Currently, there is tension between the Military Council Army and the KNU in Nyaung Laypin District, which is controlled by the KNU.

KNU, which signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) in 2015, in Karen State, Mon State, Bago, and Tanintharyi control the Thai Myanmar border region divided into seven districts.

In those areas, the People's Defense Forces, who are resisting the military coup with armed forces, are allowed to move and take refuge.

Therefore, the KNU center announced that there have been 9,680 battles since the coup because the military council army attacked KNU territories.


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