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Living and eating are in the state of difficulty In GantGaw

living and eating are in the state of difficulty In GantGaw because it’s been a long time for them fleeing from the war

"The other day, three houses in Lapo village were destroyed by heavy weaponry. People were fleeing in Lapo village. They are also fleeing in the villages of Saidu, Po Oo, ShaungPin, and PyaeBat. Every day, the army come from one place or another," said a resident of GantGaw Township. Locals say that the phone lines around GantGaw township have been cut for three or four days.

As the army stationed at GantGaw town KhaLaYa 50 in Magway District, they opened fire with heavy weapons and patrolled the villages around GantGaw town and the civilians were fleeing every day, and more than 7,000 residents of Kant village faced with difficulties to live and eat for days.

It is said that most of the people in the surrounding villages ran away when the military council came and returned to the village when the military retreated. The revolutionary groups have urged the people to enter the village after the formation has been completed and only after the area has been cleared.

Today, it is reported that the military council column of the 50th Army is entering the village of Saidu on the west side of the river.

The villages around GantGaw town are fleeing the war day by day, and around 7,000 people from Kant village in the north of GantGaw township have been fleeing the war in monasteries and forests for ten days and are facing difficulties in living and eating, according to the refugees.

On March 31, the local joint defense force raided the Kant police station and burned down the camp, but the military council deployed more army by the air forces, and thus the people did not dare to return to their homes.

"Every monastery is overcrowded. Electricity has not been available since the war. We have to turn on the machines to get water. There is not enough water. We have to use it sparingly. Even going to the toilet is not easy because of the population. You cannot go for long," said a refugee.

He said that the members of the military council were living in some houses in the southern part of Kant village, so the people in the southern part of Kant village did not dare to go to their homes, while the people in the central and northern parts of the village often went back to their homes and quickly fetched the necessary items.

It is said that the people of Kan village are staying away from the war in two monasteries and two forest schools in the village, and there are also people who are fleeing in the forest. A resident of the village also said that as the period of time away from the war went on, it became more difficult for the manual laborers in the village.

"Even before I fled, there were still people in the village who were on the verge of starvation. Don't talk about what happened just now .The people nearby are feeding themselves. They are borrowing and eating," said another village defender.

Kant is a big village with more than a thousand houses and is located on the side of the MyitThar River, but because of the slope, drinking water can only be obtained from wells when there is electricity.

Out of the more than 1.8 million people who fled their homes due to the fighting in Myanmar until March 27 this year, more than 1.4 million people have fled their homes in 2021 are the people who fled after the military coup on February 1 announced by The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

More than 17.6 million people, a third of the country's population, are also in need of humanitarian assistance, and 4.5 million people are in need of aid in conflict-ridden rural areas.


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